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SEBREM is much more than a company.

Since its foundation, in 2012, SEBREM - Ecological Solutions for Waste and Minerals Beneficiation - bases its actions on sustainable development and the creation and improvement of technologies and production processes that provide quality and traceability to its products.

Our focus is to effectively meet the changing needs of our domestic and international 

customers and continue to expand our international presence.

SEBREM values the quality and innovation of its production processes and, therefore, has dedicated R&D and QA teams. Our manufacturing facility combines modern equipment with highly qualified operational staff, following international safety standards, and adopting environment-friendly solutions.

That combination provides operationally efficient and environmentally responsible production processes, as well as proven product homogeneity and traceability, in

compliance with strict quality standarts.

SEBREM faces environmental sustainability as a key factor for its success, and considers the issue as one of the pillars of its management model. All technologies developed by SEBREM focus on maximum efficiency and minimal waste generation.

The development of environmental revitalization projects and the processing and recycling of industrial and mining waste are also priorities for SEBREM.

Mission, Vision & Values


Being a provider par excellence of environmentally friendly products, adding continuous value and maintaining respect for people and for biodiversity



To be recognized in 10 years as a leading company in the markets for micronutrients, raw materials and inputs for chemical and water treatment industries.

  • Social responsibility with ethics and transparency.

  • Quality of products and services.

  • Responsibility and commitment to customers.

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